Impartiality’s not an issue for Hong Kong broadcasters when only one opinion is permitted

There used to be a traditional English saying that it was no use locking the stable door after the horse has bolted. This of course dates back to the days when horse metaphors were instantly understandable. The Broadcasting Commission proposes a new variation on this ancient notion of foolishness: it wants to unlock the stable…

Don’t attack the messenger, work to rebuild trust among Hongkongers

On the night of May 10, 2023, publishers of Ming Pao axed Zunzi’s political cartoons, which they had published daily since 1983. Governance and civil society in Hong Kong are worse off for this move. Ming Pao reacted to government pressure. Our government officials complained that Zunzi’s cartoons ignored and twisted facts, misled and deceived…

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Explainer: Hong Kong’s national security crackdown – month 37

Hong Kong authorities stepped up their campaign against overseas activists in July, issuing warrants and offering unprecedented HK$1 million bounties for information leading to the arrest of eight democrats. Family members of several of the eight were taken away for questioning, and others accused of helping the activists were arrested. Four years after the 2019…

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